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Face Your Fears

There are a million and one things that I’m scared of;



And sharks

Are among them.

But being lonely tops the list.

Not alone.

I can handle alone.

Alone is when you’re by yourself

With nobody else around.

Lonely is when you’re in a crowd of people

And still feel like you’re by yourself.

This scares me because I know what it’s like

I’ve stood in a room of a hundred people

And felt like the room was empty,

Or that I didn’t exist,

Because people look through me like Sellotape.


But fear totals more than just being.

Being lonely isn’t a momentary thing,

It takes over my mind and predicts my future.

Being lonely means I’ll never have somebody

To hold my hand during a movie.

I’ll never have somebody to care for me

When I get sick.

I’ll never feel the warmth of somebody else’s body

Next to me when I sleep.

I’ll never know what it’s like

To be considered beautiful.


But, unlike spiders

And snakes

And sharks,

I have to face my loneliness


With every good

Comes bad and

When I see a couple together shopping,

When a friend gets married,

Or has a baby,

Or mentions their partner,

This is a death knell in my head

Signalling another nail entering my coffin

That keeps me forever alone.

The Trouble With Millennials

So this poem was a little bit too long to put onto a nice picture/graphic and so I’ve had to just post it on here in text form.


The Trouble With Millennials

My grandmother once asked if I think I’m too good to clean toilets.

The answer, in short, is yes.

But that didn’t stop me applying

And being turned down because I was overqualified.

I think I’m too good because,

Ever since I was a child,

I have been told to do what makes me happy.

Cleaning does not.

I have been told I can do whatever I put my mind to,

I can be whoever I want to be.

I don’t want to be a cleaner.

I get accused of devaluing the work blue-collar Joes

And thinking I’m too good for it.

But it’s just a truth

That we’re all too good for it.

A cleaning job doesn’t pay well.

It won’t support your family.

It won’t buy your groceries

Or pay your mortgage.

It’s like taking a glass of water out of the ocean

And thinking the change is noticeable.


As a millennial I’m ungrateful.

I’m ungrateful because I live in a world of technology

Of the future.

Of mobile phones,


The internet,

I’m supposed to be in awe.

Instead I’m nearing thirty and living at home.

Because the cost of the internet was increased housing prices

And to have a computer I now have a worthless degree.

A degree that over qualifies me

For the blue-collar Joe work I look down

But under qualifies me

For anything else.

As a millennial,

When you apply for your first job

You better have two PhDs

Three year’s work experience

And clear schedule

To work any and all hours

The businesses demand.

Because life isn’t about fun,

It isn’t about family

It isn’t about friends

Or memories

Or holidays

Or good times.

It’s about work.

You work to live

And you live to work.

You can have a family

But you don’t see them

Because you’re too busy working

To support them.


But don’t worry,

This isn’t everybody.

Just millennials.

The people that face every day

Being called ungrateful

For being brought into a world

So twisted and demented

That you have to work,

Until hanging yourself is a better option,

Just to afford food for the week.

A world that criticises everything you do

Just because of when you were born.

A world where your job

And future prospects

Are fucked

Because your parents were selfish enough

To have you.


This poem has two titles; “Approximately” or “Loneliness In A Mathematical Approximation”



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